About us

We are an independent, expert energy consultancy in United Arab Emirates for oil, gas and renewables, focused at finding the best solutions for our clients by efficiently integrating the specialist areas of economic risk. We mainly serving those who are in area of Gulf.

What makes us different?

We are an established, successful team of highly experienced and innovative economists. The integration of human capital with our state-of-the-art numerical and analytical techniques, powerful cost engineering databases and risk and delivery management systems, enables us to deliver reports of consistently high quality on small, medium and large oil and gas projects – on time and on budget. We are known for meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations. Timelines and deadlines are our guiding principle – that’s how we have built up a solid and growing client base.

What we do

We deliver success. We specialise in giving the leading players in oil, gas and renewable energies the economical intelligence required to stay in the forefront of the marketplace. Clients use our well documented analytical expertise to make sure issues don’t turn into crises, to assure their compliance and reputation – and to boost their profitability.